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Barbara Dennerlein

Barbara Dennerlein, born in Munich, is internationally celebrated hammond and pipe organ virtuoso. On her recordings and in her concerts, she stands out as a member of a new generation of jazz musicians, and is regarded, by her peers and her audiences alike, as one of the leading representatives of her instrument, the legendary Hammond B3.

But there is yet another side to Barbara's talent. Intrigued by her first pipe organ concert at the Bach Days in Würzburg in 1994, she started an intensive period of activity with the "queen of the  instruments", the mighty pipe organ. Thanks to her complete mastery of the pedals, Barbara has fully exploited the instrument's immense musical potential, mainly with works that she composed especially for it. The result is breathtaking, proving that the ponderous and sluggish instrument can really swing. Barbara has thrilled audiences on numerous great pipe organs.

The listener is carried off to new worlds of sound, a mixture of classical elements and jazz in its  widest sense.
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